3.5 The District Council and Statutory Bodies

3.5.1 The District Council


The District Council shall continue to exercise all political sand executive powers and functions as described by the law


Specifically, shall endeavor;


To hold council meetings every two months.

To hold committee meetings every two months.

Oversee and monitor council and NGO activities in the District.

Appoint statutory bodies’ members (DSC, DLB 6sDPAC) at the expiry of their terms

Evaluate council performance annually.

Undertake training of new councillors every five years.


3.4.2 District Contracts Committee


The District Contracts Committee shall continue to confirm the standards for procurement and disposal of goods, services and works.


Specifically, we shall endeavor;

To ensure proper procurement and utilization of public funds.

To ensure compliance to PPDA Act 2003, PPDA Regulations 2003, Local Governments Regulation,



3.4.3 District Service Commission

The District Service Commission shall continue to deliver to the District and Urban councils qualified and accountable human resources for effective service delivery.

We shall endeavor;

To recruit qualified staff on the request of management. To confirm and regularize appointments quarterly.
To handle disciplinary cases quarterly as submitted.


3.4.4 District Land Board

The District Land Board shall continue ensuring that land issues are administered within existing legislation.


We shall endeavor;

To ensure that land issues are administered within existing legislation quarterly.

Hold timely and quarterly meetings.


3.4.5 Public Accounts Committee

The District Public Accounts Committee shall continue to promote good governance and accountability in the District


We shall endeavor;

To ensure effective and proper accountability and transparency in the district.

To check effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery (Value for money) on a quarterly basis.


To foster adherence to the legal provisions.

Produce quarterly reports as required by management and laws established.