4.0 Community Based Services Department

To give basic social services and empower sustainable household income and community development.


Specifically, shall endeavor to; –


Timeliness in task accomplishment

Renovate 2 community development centers at parish level

Register all associations that meet the criteria for registration under Ngo Act

Support workers to access to Justice

To support Children to realize their potential and protect them from all forms of violence.

Mobilize a number of households benefiting from VSLA and investments clubs


4.1.1 Probation and Social Welfare


The sector overall objective is to improve on the care and protection of children especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.


Specifically, shall endeavor,


To contribute towards the awareness of the rights of children and related laws by 90% by 2022/2023.

To create and build capacity of community mechanisms in order to protect and support children living in difficult circumstances quarterly.

To contribute towards legal protection of children from abuse, exploitation and hazardous work and environments quarterly.

To network and liase with at least 50% of government/NGO agencies/other private sector prayers implementing children programmes

To ensure that children issues are integrated into and sustained in the lower level government’s development plans and programmes annually.

To enhance community capacity to protect and support children living in difficult circumstances by50%.


4.1.2 Community Development



The sector overall objective is to empower communities to individually and collectively participate in grass root social interventions.


Specifically, shall endeavor;


To build the capacity of the communities through sensitization to enable them actively participate in100% programmes.

To empower 50% the marginalized and vulnerable groups through functional adult literacy to participate fully as equal partners in development


To mobilize 90% of the people to initiate micro projects.

To network 86 coordinates with 90% of other government departments and NGOS engaged indifferent development programmes.


4.1.3 Gender and Culture


The sector overall objective is to promote the involvement of both men and women in developmental activities.

Specifically, shall endeavor;

To enhance mainstreaming of gender issues in planning, budgeting and implementation of activities by 100%.

To enhance the role of culture and theatre for development up to 70%.

To promote ethical standards among cultural practices by 2020.


4.1.4 Youth

The sector overall objective is to empower the youth for sustainable and meaningful economic development.


Specifically, shall endeavor;


To contribute towards promotion of social and economic empowerment of the youth by 80%.

To contribute towards 90% of youth involvement in community-based programmes and other development initiatives undertaken by the department and other sector prayers

Initiate sustainable fund-raising initiatives for funding youth projects in lower local governments by 50%.

Promote capacity building initiatives to enable the youth undertake economic strengthening projects by 20%.

Build the capacity of the staff to enable them to effectively mentor and support youth initiatives daily.

Scale up good documentation practices by 70% to promote learning and inform choice of initiatives.


4.1.5 Perions with Disabilities and Elderly


The sector overall objective is to socially and economically empower PWDs and the elderly in order to improve their welfare through participation in development programmes,
attain self-fulfillment and be in position to sustainably support themselves.
Specifically, shall endeavor;

To contribute towards 50% detection, intervention and prevention of disabilities.

To establish an update data bank for networking with 50% of other stakeholders on issues of disability.

To contribute towards 70% participation and involvement of PWDs in community programmes.

To contribute towards 90% enrolment of children with disabilities in formal programmes.

To contribute towards 70% welfare of the elderly through involvement and participation in development activities.

To contribute towards improved quality of life of the elderly people from 35% to 85% through protection and care with their families and community

Initiate and support 60% family capacity building initiatives of partners to take care of the elderly.