3.9 Education and Sports

The overall objective of the Education Department is to build and maintain capacity in

educational services, improve service delivery as per national Education Policies, Education strategic investment plan and District Development Plan.


Specifically, shall endeavor;


  1. To ensure that all schools have70% functional SMC/BOGs by the year 2020.
  2. To improve academic performance in the rural, urban and peri-urban Education Institutions in the district from 63% to 75%.
  3. To extend school Inspection and monitoring to all education Institutions in the District by 80%.
  4. To ensure that SNE activities are prioritized by 70%in the District.
  5. To intensify mobilization of NGOs services towards improvement of school environment to 90%.
  6. To survey and title school land in the District by 60%by the year 2020
  7. To ensure that staff quarters-are constructed in all government Aided Schools in the district priority being given to rural sub-counties up to 80%.
  8. To provide water harvesting in schools to enable children have access to safe drinking water by 60%.
  9. To coordinate with other departments improving school environment and revival of school gardens by 50% by the year 2023.
  10. Raise the enrolment rate from …. % to…% by enacting by laws enforcing all schools going children to be in school.
  11. Enforce the use of Institutional materials and text books in every lesson taught.
  12.  Mobilise parent to in open days of school every end of year, to facilitate interaction with the children and teachers.
  14. Hold. Annual general meetings for every school to discuss school improvement.
  16. Involve participation of every child in school, in co-curricular activities and have 50% of the schools to participate every year.
  17. Reduce the teacher pupil ratio from the current to annually.
  18. Raise the completion rate by 10% annually through sensitising parents to have their children stay in school.
  19.  Ensure schools are open on every first day of term and start lessons on the first day by having inspectors visit the schools and register pupils and teachers who will be missing and they will be dealt with accordingly.
  20. Build rumps in all school facilities so that they are user friendly to learners with physical disability.
  21. To train and guide school management committees, PTAs every quarter to discuss issues related to their schools.
  22. Ensure qualified teachers are deployed at all levels.
  23. Ensure teachers abide by the professional code of conduct.