4.7 Works and Water


4.7.1 Works Office


The overall objective of the Works office is to have a well-planned and maintained district infrastructure (both roads and building).


Specifically, shall endeavor,


To ensure proper planning and design of district engineering projects.

To ensure proper adherence to standards during project execution as set out in the design dossiers and documents up to 80 %.

To ensure that 60% of district vehicles and plants are in good running condition.

To ensure that timely technical guidance is offered to the public.

To monitor and enforce physical planning compliance.


4.7.1 Roads

The overall objective of this sector is to provide a sound all weather road network accessible at all times by all types and forms of transport.

Specifically, shall endeavor;

To promote and increase to an average of 75% of safe, efficient and reliable transport means by maintaining all maintainable District roads.

To increase the percentage of district roads in a good condition to 30% by the year 2023 upgrading strategic roads to bituminous surfaces.

To promote 60% labor-based road rehabilitation emphasizing affirmative action and job creation by 2022/23.

Increase awareness amongst the populace to observe and protect road reserves by 70%. To enhance private, public partnership with community in road maintenance to 50%.


4.7.2 Buildings

The sector overall objective is to ensure construction and maintenance of well-planned, safe structure and habitable human settlements.


Specifically, shall endeavor;


To provide safe office accommodation, stores and workshops for the district headquarters staff.

To maintain 90% District and Sub County buildings in a habitable state.

To ensure well-planned construction of public and private buildings.

The ensure 100% compliance to building regulations and standards by private and governmental developers within the District


4.7.3 Water

The overall objective of this department is to improve Public health and general Social-economic development through improved access to safe and adequate Water and Sanitation. Specifically, shall endeavor;

To improve Sector Planning and Programme Management by 75%.

To effect utilization and improved sustainability of Water and Sanitation facilities to 75% by 2023.

To increase access to safe water and sanitation facilities for 75% of the population 2023.

 To promote hygienic use of Water and Sanitation facilities to 70% by 2019/20. To operationalize Water Management Committees to 90% by 2023