3.5 Finance Department

The overall department objective is to improve revenue performance and expenditure management of the District.


We shall endeavor,

To build a system that will ensure fair, objective transparent, timely and fair assessment of the District’s tax paying Clients.

To timely issue receipts and all necessary documents to the District clients upon payment.

To timely and adequately respond to concerns/queries/ objections raised by the District clients.

To   timely   pay   service   providers   upon   delivering   of   services   and   supplies.

To recognize good tax payers and service providers annually.

To adequately respond to queries raised by various agencies of government.

To continuously improve our performance through training benchmarking, adoption of best practices that can enable us serve the district clients better.

To timely produce mandatory financial reports and other reports that will promote an accountable Bugweri District.


To use the most human means while enforcing compliance.


3.5 Internal Audit Unit

The overall objective of the Unit is to ensure that Bugweri Local Government and Lower administrative   units   achieve   their   intended   goals   by   providing   audit   assurance and consulting service on risk management, control and governance issues.


We shall endeavor;

To ensure monitoring and surveillance of local government to enforce compliance with Accounting Regulation quarterly.

To ensure monthly accountability of government funds.  

To ensure annual writing of books of accounts for district and lower local government, administrative units and departments.

To ensure that there is100% value for money on all government funds.

To ensure100% compliance with procurement