4.8 The Procurement and Disposal Unit

Ensure the application of fair, Competitive, transparent, non-discriminatory and value for money procurement and disposal standards and practices.

Harmonize the procurement and disposal policy systems and practices of Lower Local Governments and departments

Monitor compliance of user departments by at least 90%.

Comply with the-Procurement procedures set by the government such as the PDDA Act, Local Government Procurement regulations 2006.

Liaise with the user departments to pay suppliers for the goods, services and works done


4.8.1 The Role of the user departments and Lower local Governments

Ensure they comply with the procurement procedures as stipulated in the PPDA ACT 2003 and the Local Government Procurement Regulations 2006.

Ensure timely submission of departmental procurement plans.

Ensure timely payment of suppliers for the goods, services and works done.

Preparation of requisitions to smoothen plans on time to ease of consolidation of the Procurement Plan.


4.8.2 The Role of the suppliers

Ensure they respond to the Procurement advert for the supply of goods, services, and works

 Ensure they respond to the request for quotation and request for proposal for various items of procurement when invited by the Procurement and Disposal Unit